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ISBN : 978-2-9191-2271-4

Format : Soft cover and flaps 24 x 17 cm

Pages : 150 pages

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(edition 2017) small size

Bud E. Weyser (Baudoin de Duve) | February 2017

This hilarious and brutally caricatured account of the mishaps of Western tourists when they find themselves in the Land of Smiles completely lacking in any sense of the exotic. Then, there are the very pretty and very shrewd Thai girls, firmly attached to their cultural imperatives. When two worlds meet ...

The book

By the author of Tintin in Thailand
After the success of the first edition, the facetious and truculent Baudoin de Duve returns with a new presentation of his famous collection of sketches. In 1996, this Belgian compatriot of Hergé authored Tintin in Thailand. He had previously produced cartoons for Chiang Mai News, an English language magazine. Since the year 2000 Baudouin de Duve (aka Bud E. Weyser) has worked for Gavroche, a French language magazine published in Thailand. Many of his Gavroche cartoons, some previously unpublished, have now been assembled in one volume with a preface by the famous Belgian comedian Stephane Steeman.
Cartoon Texts in French

The author

Bud E Weyser - officially Baudouin de Duve - is the Belgian cartoonist who wowed the intimate world of Tintin lovers in the year 2000 with the publication of Tintin in Thailand. Appreciated not just by the fans of the little reporter, Herge’s hero, but also by those who love the Kingdom of Thailand. It was widely copied and distributed illegally by ruthless wheeler-dealers in the pursuit of profit. The author has now been able to re-establish his copyright. He still has other tales to tell...