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ISBN : 978-2-9191-2250-9

Format : 15 x 21 cm

Pages : 352 pages

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Les Kinnari

Bernard Bommelaer | November 2012

With author Bernard Bommelaer, enter the realm of the ‘bird-women’. The fair sex, Asia, its mysteries…….and all its pitfalls!

The book

Sky, sun, sea. A coconut palm, a deckchair, a man…….. and a few steps away, brushing against the golden sand, the ‘bird-women’. As you enjoy your well-deserved beach holiday under your coconut palm, you, a European worker, exhausted by stress, lying in the sun on your deckchair; what do you say when these sensual young women attempt to entice you away, and then want to take you to pray to Bouddha? The tanned body of a tropical nymph, in skin-tight jeans worn extra low to reveal just a hint of the thong beneath. The man is gazing at his prey - or is it she who is the hunter? She wraps herself tightly around him on his motorbike and he sets off at speed along the macadam highway. The all-conquering white male has no further need to conceal his manly passion; he is already on the way into another world - the world of the bird-women. The bird-women - or Kinnari, as they are known in Thai poetry and legend - are princesses, half woman, half bird, who symbolize celestial love and compassion. Will this man, in his divine fervor, succeed in taming his kinnari? With the blood of the Flanders Heights coursing through his veins, will he manage to get her back into her cage again, rather like those tough, drunken Thai lads whom he recognizes as the legitimate husbands. Or will his honesty result in the cage door slamming shut on him - a trap set by by these sylphlike creatures who are revealed as nothing more than devilish manipulators. Thailand is the land of wild dreams…..

The author

Bernard Bommelaer comes from an old Dunkirk family, well-known for its involvement in coastal sea rescue. He was born in a village in the Flanders Hills at the northernmost limits of France. His father was both teacher and poet, and introduced him to the universe of the sea, and the lives of the agricultural workers and the deep-shaft miners.
After studying Fine Arts in Lille he went on to become an architect but later moved to Alsace where he opened a salon de the in Ribeauviller. His strong aesthetic sense coupled with his urge to escape the confines of Europe - a desire firmly fixed in his mind since the discovery of the wide-open spaces of his childhood - were more than satisfied by his increasingly frequent visits to Asia.
He brought back from his many journeys across Thailand, travel notebooks which have been the basis of his novel ‘The Kinnaris; The Bird-Women’. The author has now retired to a small village on the Gulf of Siam where he lives among the fisherman with his faithful dog Chipie sitting on his lap. His eventful life has now come full-circle; his gaze is still fixed on the horizon in the best traditions of the explorers of old.