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ISBN : 9782919122653

Format : 14.5 x 23 cm

Pages : 220

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L’Amiral Jean Decoux, le dernier Gouverneur Général de l’Indochine
(Admiral Jean Decoux, The last Governor-General of Indochina 1940-1945)

Jacques Decoux | April 2014

An outstanding account of the life of Jean Decoux, the great helmsman. For five years, he alone steered the wonderful Indochinese ship of state - the five provinces we know as Indochina.

The book

Jean Decoux was appointed Commander-in-Chief of French naval forces in the Far East in 1939, Governor-General of Indochina in 1940, French High Commissioner for the Pacific in 1941 and Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour, also in 1941. With the intensification of the world conflict, Decoux found himself in 1942 effectively cut off from his home country, France. He now became the sole master of the ship of state, Indochina, as its Governor-General. On 9 March 1945, the brutal intervention of the Japanese brought his work to an abrupt end. Within a few hours the French flag had entirely disappeared. This was the real beginning of the Indochina War which ended in 1954, and the Vietnam War which lasted until 1975. Admiral Jean Decoux was never replaced. His work was misunderstood by the Resistance as well as the Provisional Government of the French Republic (GPRF) who wanted to repeat, from 10,000 kms away, what had happened in France at the Liberation even though the Japanese were no longer occupying Indochina. Disciplinary action was taken against the Admiral but he was rehabilitated in 1949. For the whole of the Decoux family as well as for many others, the Admiral is worthy of respect; he was a patriot, noble-minded, loyal, a leader and man of conviction with a profound attachment to true values - a fine role model for future generations.
Jacques Decoux

The author

Jacques Decoux was born in 1947 in Casablanca into a devout Catholic family. He was educated by the Catholic Brothers and later by the Jesuits. He married young - he has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. He began his career with Kleber-Colombes in the aeronautical tyre division, and ended up as commercial and marketing director of Yacco (a subsidiary of Total). In retirement, he devotes his spare time to a variety of different charitable organizations and has written a biography of his great-uncle.