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ISBN : 978-2-9191-2264-6

Format : 14 x 12 cm

Pages : CD + 24-page booklet

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CD L’Indochine la Perle de l’Empire
(CD Indochina – Jewel of Empire)

| October 2013

1624-1954 : the story of very French passion
From Alexandre de Rhodes to Dien Bien Phu, the great saga of France in Indochina. The CD recounts the story of this French passion, told through twelve spoken commentaries and eleven songs.

The book

330 years of history during which time Indochina was to increasingly make its mark on our great national story. A history of discoveries, of conquests too, but not only that. During a time of reconciliation and increasing common interest, the French would experience a real passion for this part of the world and for its native peoples. This exceptional relationship, which has often been idealized, was always a turbulent one, turning, at times, into violent confrontation; it would, nevertheless, create among the Indochinese a complex set of feelings founded both on attraction for, and rebellion against the French colonial occupation. It provides a partial explanation for the close links that existed between France and those Far Eastern countries that constituted the legendary Indochina - links which we find not only hard to grasp and understand in today’s world, but which have largely wasted away.
Voice of Marc Brunet, a leading figure in documentary programmes, provides the reading.
The CD has an accompanying 24-page booklet which gives an account of the 330 years of French-Indochinese history.
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Twelve spoken commentaries and eleven songs:
12 spoken commentaries :
- From Portugal to France: Alexandre de Rhodes
- The Adran bishop and Emperor of Annam
- The conquest of Cochinchine
- Colonial explorations and the enthusiasm French
- The conquest of Tonkin and the birth of the French Indochina
-  Indochina in the Republic
- The work in French Indochina
- With Admiral Decoux, apogee under threat
- The Japonese coup
- France loses
- Dien Bien Phu marked the end of French Indochina
- The independent Vietnam
11 songs :
- Choir of the Army: Quand Jésus-Christ créa la coloniale
- Laure Diana: Marie-Dominique
- Tino Rossi: Pousse-pousse
- Jean Lumière: Sérénade indochinoise
- Joséphine Baker : La petite Tonkinoise
- Suzy Solidor: Saïgon
- Léon Raiter: Ki-Mou-Li
- Marcels: Opium
- Choir of the Légion étrangère: Contre les Viets
- ESM, Promotion de Cacqueray : Lieutenant Brunbrouck
- Jean-Pax Méfret : Diên Biên Phu