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ISBN : 978-2-9191-2270-7

Format : 14 x 12 cm

Pages : CD + 40 page booklet

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CD Il était une fois la Thaïlande et le Siam – CD Once Upon a Time in Thailand and Siam

Marc Geoffroy | October 2015

Discover the fabulous history of Thailand and Siam through these fourteen stories, each with an accompanying song, narrated on this CD by Marc Brunet and Marie-Martine Bisson.

The book

From Ram Khamhaeng, founder of the Sukhotai Kingdom, to Rama IX, Thailand's present king, the CD encompasses in its fourteen stories many of the great figures of Thai history, including Naresuan, Rama IV and Chulalonkorn, who helped build the nation of Siam/Thailand. At the end of each text, famous Thai songs of the twentieth century have been included to further enrich this historical journey.
The texts have been written by Marc Geoffrey, founder/editor of Soukha Publications. They are told by two of France's leading documentary narrators, Marie-Martine Bisson and Marc Brunet. The CD is accompanied by a 40 page booklet.
14 stories and 14 songs:
1. Suvarnaphumi, the Land of Gold
Music by Richard Harvey: The Court of Ayutthaya
2. The Birth of the Sukothai Kingdom
    Song interpreted by Suriporn Ampaipong: Fak Kham Koh Tod
3. The Origins of the Ayutthaya Kingdom
  Song interpreted by Suraphol Sombatcharoen: Sao Saun Tang
4. In the Steps of the First Europeans in Siam
Traditional Song: Mux Yawywn
5. The Legendary Suriyothai and King Naresuan
   Song interpreted by Pumpuang Duangian: Nak Rong Ban Nok
6. The Flamboyant Reign of Narai the Great
Music by Jean-Philippe Rameau: Les Indes Galantes
7. Phaulkon, French and Siamese Embassies
Song (in two different versions) interpreted by J. Boonyakan & T. Intharathep/ S. Songsermsawat & J. Arbkronburi: Tai Rom Malulee
8. The Destruction of Ayutthaya and King Taksin
Music by Krueng Don Tee: Lao Charoen Sri
9. The Chakri Dynasty and Rama IV
Song interpreted by Bird Thonchai: Mi Tae Khidthung
10. Chulalongkorn - King Rama V
Traditional Music: Seng Isarn
11. The 1932 Revolution
Song interpreted by Nunthida Keawbuasai: Pom Li Kit
12. Siam Becomes Thailand
Song interpreted by Mary Ungrangsee: Sansoen Phra Barami
13. King Rama IX - an Exceptional Reign
Song interpreted by Nok La Fiesta: Mai Leum
14. And What of Thailand's Future?
      Music interpreted by Aomjaija & Pichitchon: Pleng Ruk

The author

Born in Paris on 5 December 1967 Marc Geoffroy, at the age of 25, founded a record publishing company, France Productions. In 2003, he created Diffusia, marketing both sound recordings and written publications via the internet and mail order. In the same year he visited South-East Asia for the first time. In 2010 he founded Soukha Publications with a mission to publish those works which might contribute to a greater understanding of the passion shared by the French for the Far-East. Marc is an eclectic author who has written or adapted more than fifty CD texts for children as well as a Paris tourist guide. At the moment, he shares his time between France and Thailand and is working for the the production of a new CD on the history of relations between Thailand and the French-speaking nations.